Project Management

Project management encompasses everything we work on for our customers - from quotation and new product development to quality control, logistics and final delivery. This holistic and thorough approach means we offer the highest levels of customer service to you and ensure parts are on time and on budget.

Projects are managed and controlled as follows:

Drawings and samples are carefully reviewed to ensure the right materials and suppliers are selected. This in turn will deliver the best quality solution for you at a competitive price point.

Engineering, Prototyping and Product Development
After quotation stage we manage this development process with strict attention to detail. Sample inspection reports control critical dimensions, cosmetic appearance and functional attributes of your products.

Pre-Production and Production
Orders are expedited by our local team so we can keep you informed with the latest delivery dates.

Logistics are controlled by our local team. This covers the door to door shipment and all customs and regulatory clearance is taken care of on your behalf. 

Inventory and Quality Management
Parts are subject to strict incoming quality controls. After approval they are stocked according to your order requirements. 

Ongoing Service
Order progression and detailed information is provided to customers at each stage of the process. We keep you updated with details and the progress of your parts.

To discuss these capabilities in more detail, please contact us.