We are a world class source for PCB and PCBA with an established track record of high quality supply. As with all our other product ranges, we can assist you with design and prototype stages prior to manufacture. Our comprehensive supply chain allows us to integrate a PCB with our other technologies such as moulding and cable assembly.  This creates a simple, one stop resource for your requirements.

Our UK facilities allow you to reduce both cost and lead times by managing your inventory

Cableplus Europe's capabilities in PCB and PCBA include:

  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
  • Radial and Axial Assembly, Pin Through Hole
  • Manual Assembly
  • Potting, Overmoulding for IP rated encapsulation
  • Coating - Conformal, Parylene
  • 100% tested for conformance
  • Inspection - BGA, X-Ray, In-Circuit Testing, Functional Test

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