New Product Development

Rapidly evolving and competitive markets mean our customers appreciate our responsive and forensic approach to product development. We help you through all stages of this process and will ultimately deliver your finished parts on time, at the right cost and with world class quality. In this way the most basic of concepts or ideas can be turned into stock on the shelf ready for next day delivery to your facilities.

We can help you realise your new product in the following ways:

Reverse Engineering
Some parts have no existing production drawings or designs to work from. By taking golden samples of good products, we are able to subsequently reverse engineer the parts and start pre-production or samples extremely quickly.  

Rapid Prototyping
We use the latest technologies to deliver first off samples. For plastic moulded parts, we can use 3D printing and for metal parts we can use CNC or laser cutting to accelerate this prototyping process and shorten time to market.

Cost Analysis Engineering
Often there is pressure from the competitive marketplace to deliver a lower cost solution. Working closely with our approved suppliers means we can help you deliver both a high quality product and an acceptable price.

Pre-Production and Tool Validation
During this critical stage of product development we closely monitor part and tool performance. Pre-production parts will be closely inspected by our quality team for conformance to your specifications.

Quality Engineering 
Existing supply chains may have compromised quality parts. In this case we can help you re-engineer problematic components or assemblies and improve the acceptable quality level (AQL) for sustainable long term supply.

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