Custom Components

The range of parts that are identified in this product category is extremely diverse and constantly growing due to strong customer demand. Our expertise in world class supplier identification and quality control has allowed us to add to our product portfolio of custom components.

Product highlights include:

Cartridge Heaters
  • Heat transfer component
  • Temperatures up to 800°C
  • Simple push fit into pre-drilled holes
  • Custom termination and lengths

PTFE, FEP and Rubber Seals
  • PTFE seals withstand high temperatures (–70 to +250°C)  and aggressive environments / chemicals
  • Built to high tolerances for critical sealing dimensions
  • Also available in: NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, PU
  • Custom shapes and OEM design available

Membrane Switches
  • Available as: Tactile, Non Tactile, Shielding, Back Lighting, Embedded LED and Resistor
  • Activation strengths from 8mm to 20mm
  • IP Rated and UV Resistance available
  • Custom shapes and various connectivity options

Silicone Keypad
  • Typical activation force: 100-300g and travel between 0.8-2mm
  • High temperature, chemical resistant to FDA, flame retardant options
  • Translucent and Luminescent options available
  • Custom shapes and bespoke design

Silicone Heater Pads
  • Wire-wound or etched foil heating elements 
  • Operating temperatures range from -60°C to 250°C
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Custom shapes and sizes, up to 10 metres²

Wire Mesh, Filter Washer
  • Wire mesh available from 0.025mm hole size upwards
  • Filters suitable for industrial, automotive, electronics and domestic applications
  • Over moulded mesh parts in PVC, Rubber and other materials
  • Custom forms and assemblies to your specification

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