Cableplus Europe are a leading provider of solutions to the telecommunication industry. The requirements of the telecommunication sector are well suited to our world class product development and quality record. Key products include:

  • Low frequency (LF) bulk cable and cable assemblies
  • High frequency (HF) bulk cable and cable assemblies 
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Mobile telephone accessories
  • Components

We also supply a wide range of coaxial cable assemblies. These vary from standard RG / MIL specification to extremely complex multi-point assemblies. All assemblies are tested 100% for full electrical conformance before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction.

Coaxial connectors currently manufactured include: F, SMB, FME, G, HFL, MCX, MHV, BNC, UHF, MMBX, MMCX, MMPX, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, UFL. Please contact us with your enquiries.