Cable Assembly, Loom and Box Build

The type and number of cable assemblies we supply is vast and constantly growing! From a simple cut and strip wire to a 50 metre length multi-point loom with over 100 connectors, we can supply all of our customers' requirements. 

Key capabilities include:

  • Cable preparation and termination / crimping from 40AWG upwards in wire size
  • Manufacture of all key connector manufacturers such as: Tyco, JST, Molex, Hirose, JAE, Deutsch, Souriau, Lemo, Fischer and FCI
  • Over moulding and double moulding in high and low temperature materials: PVC, PU, Silicone etc
  • Stake welding, laser welding
  • Cable laser printing, heat shrink marking, custom identification
  • Waterproof and IP65 solutions for preventing water, dust, or salt spray ingress
  • Flash, Hi-Pot, Impedance Testing all available
  • 100% electrically tested as standard for continuity, shorts, crossed wires etc 
  • High product mix and low volume manufacture fully supported with local logistics

Key products supplied include:

  • Box Build - Fully built and finished parts (including all assemblies, components and metalwork) can be supplied as per your requirements (example photo below) 
  • Ribbon / IDC cables - Flat and round cable types supported
  • Coaxial and semi rigid cable assemblies - F, SMB, FME, G, HFL, MCX, MHV, BNC, UHF, MMBX, MMCX, MMPX, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, UFL connectors
  • Power Cords - Standard and custom assemblies
  • Network and Data cables - Including the latest technologies such as USB 3.0, Cat 7
  • Computer and Video cables - LVDS, SCSI, Displayport among many others
  • Audio Video (AV) cables and custom assemblies
  • Medical cable assemblies controlled with ISO13485 and UL approvals
  • Automotive cable assemblies controlled with TS16949
Please contact the team for more details.